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 Helping Our Youth Build Character/Spiritual Development via KNOWLEDGE of 'Principles to Practice', Learning by way of the 'Trivium' or the three 'Liberal Arts' of 'Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric', and Knowledge of 'Natural Law' thus equipping the 'Student' with Confidence in whatever pursuit they Choose.

For 'Mental Well Being' in PREVENTION of 'Psychological Disorders/Disease.  


To Sum Up HOW Our 'Drug Abuse Prevention Program' WORKS is via KNOWLEDGE and Implementation of PRACTICE;

1.  PRINCIPLES - Defined as, Most Important, which must come First and 

Foremost, Before any relationship is to Develop in ones 'Character Development' and to Consciously PRACTICE them in Life, 'Manifesting ones Dreams into Reality'. 

In Building Ones MORAL Inventory, it Allows one to 'BE' of Integrity, Preventing being 'bullied' or 'swayed' of 'outside circumstances, influences, or conditions'.

What I Share Is Nothing New or 'Reinvented', it's simply Bringing Back the BASICS for one To have a Greater Understanding To KNOW HOW to THINK, ACT on their Own Best BEHAVIOR

I Share a Message in Hopes it may Uplift, Encourage, and Empower others, ESPECIALLY OUR YOUTH, to 'Self-Realize' their Infinite Potential in Manifesting their Dreams into Reality.    


Below are various Music Videos and writings to inspire the epiphanies Within ..."To Intuitively KNOW what used to baffle us." 


I 'SEE' the Truth has been With US 

ALL Along.

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Two Videos/Same Song/Different Perspectives of early and later in Life.

"If You Could 'SEE' Through....

'Intu' Eternitys' EYE, ..

a Vision Reaching Down To You

Would You Turn Away?"

'SEE' in the first Video How He 'Looks Within himself' to 'Take Down the Smoke Screen' to Go Through the Window of the Soul To 'Realize A New Reality' 'Intu the Great Wide Open' 'IN' his Innate 'BEING', 'In True Grit' of Inte-Grity in 'Being'... "To Thine Own Self 'BE' True" in New Clothes?

It is My Hope Others may 'BE' Willing to 'SEE' and Not be Stymied of the Grand Illusion of 'Events' taking place in 'These Beautiful, Wonderful, Miraculous Times'.

I See Both these videos asking US 'To LIVE', 'To 'BE', "To LOVE the One We're With" NOW.

Introducing Our 'Drug Abuse Prevention Program' via 'School of Thought' with a 'Song of Hope' For ALL 'The Young at Heart'.

FACTS:. Prevalence of Autism in the United States is estimated at 1 in 54 births. (CDC, 2020). (It was 1 in 15,000 in '72)...a DIRECT CAUSE from 'VACCINES'.

HOW? How Do WE CARE FOR Our 'Little Ones', Our Youth in Keeping Our Children Safe from 'Innoculation' - defined as the "introduction of an infective agent into an organism" aka 'INNOCULATION' of a VACCINE?

We've 'Come To' a 'Turning Point where Important Life Changing Decisions have to be made for the 'Well Being' of Our Youth.  It is Time For US to Decide What is Best, What is Good, What is RIGHT.

The Big Push in Public School is STEM - Science, Technology, Education, Mathematics. Nothing wrong with that, but I see there is less emphasis of the Basic Sacred Western Higher Learning Education System, that of the Seven Liberal Arts, enabling one to 'BE' Wise, to Express ones' True Self. Wisdom Teachings of the Seven Liberal Arts makes for the Development of a 'Well-Rounded' 'HU(God in Sanskrit)MAN BEING'. No, it is NOT the Ramen Noodles and Pizza which makes one 'Well-Rounded'.

I 'SEE' the 'Time IS Right in getting 'Back to the Future' in Learning via 'Liberal Arts' for an individual to KNOW HOW to Express them 'Selves' with Grace.  Teaching by Way of the 'Trivium' (Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric) allows for 'Greater Understanding', thereby Knowing Truth in Fighting For Freedom & Justice for ALL.

"Wisdom has Built Her House; She has Set UP its Seven Pillars." - Proverbs 9:1

"This House IS ...the Seven Pillars are the Seven Liberal Arts."[21] -

Doctor St. Albert the Great.

Why Not at least consider a bit of an 'alternative' 'after school' program for a Healthy State of Mind?  Encouraging, Empowering, Uplifting Our Youth for Higher 'Self-Esteem' is Essential for one to 'Self-Actualize' as Abraham Maslow teaches.  IT CAN BE FUN AGAIN!  Again, Nothing wrong with STEM, but what about Knowing HOW to 'EXPRESS' ones Self With Grace and Compassion?   'Knowing HOW via the Seven Liberal Arts and Conscious PRACTICE 'Building' their OWN Moral Inventory via Virtues and Elementary PRINCIPLES i.e. Integrity, Patience, Tolerance, Fortitude, Justice, Temperance, Prudence, Perseverance, Forgiveness, to name a few in CARE For Others.  These Principles are integral within the Martial Arts.

Knowing 'Grammar', to 'SEE' in 'Higher Definition' of 'Words' allows one to 'Understand', thus  utilize 'Logical Thought' to 'Speak', 'Write', 'Sing' = 'RHETORIC' - Expressing ones Self...

...To 'BE'.  Essential for a Free Person (liberalis, "Worthy of a Free Person")[8] to acquire 'IN ORDER' to take an Active part in.. LIFE,...

...To Participate in Public Debate, Defending oneself in Court, Serving on juries, and Participation...

The 'Tricksters' have always been and always will be out there. Let's Help them KNOW HOW To Stand UP not only for themselves, but For the sake of Others in True CARE in 'Giving of Ones Self'...

.."Having the Wisdom to KNOW the Difference" of;

Slavery vs. Freedom..

{Scroll down to bottom for contact information.}

A 'School of Thought' for Any Age to Self-Realize/Actualize/Awaken to the Infinite Possibilities Within Ones Own Life.

Accomplished via Incorporating the Conscious Practice of Spiritual Principles i.e. 'Forgiveness', 'Patience', 'Tolerance',...With Knowledge of Universal/Natural Law

i.e. (1)'Cause and Effect' (Karma) and (2)'Mentalism' = THOUGHTS determine ACTIONS resulting in BEHAVIOR.

KNOWING HOW to Practice Good Moral Principles in Life, We Manifest (Bring Our Ship In With the Goods) in Creating Our REALITY.

BENEFITS of 'Character/Spiritual Development' aka 'Streetwise Spirituality';

1. Prevention of 'Bullying' via 'Empower-ment' aka 'Headstrong' where KNOWLEDGE = POWER

- Build Resiliency

- Build Fortitude

- Being Prudent

- Strength to Carry On

- Decisiveness

2. Find Meaning and Purpose 'IN' Ones' Own Life resulting in Happiness and Fulfill-ment

3. Knowing Who one IS and Where one Is Going ...Never to be 'swayed' in getting 'Off-Course'.

4. Success in Having their 'Dreams Come True'.

These are just a few examples of the Practices and Benefits of Our 'School of Thought'. We also incorporate Study by way of the 'Trivium' - Three of Seven Liberal Arts; 'Grammar', 'Logic', and 'Rhetoric' i.e. (for our purpose here)

1. - ism defined; Practice of the use of.

+ 2. - ment defined; Mind


=3. Mentalism (Universal Law)

We Welcome You to Come 'ON' 'IN' and Take a 'LOOK' and 'SEE' For Your 'SELF' and EXPERIENCE Your OWN Inherent Gifts of Peace and Serenity Living 'IN' Harmony.

WE ESPECIALLY ENCOURAGE OUR YOUTH!!! in HOPE this (supplemental) 'School' Is Attractive promoting 'Imagination', 'Wonder' and 'Critical Thought' via Music Videos, Lyrics, and Film.

The Light of Truth IS Within Each and Everyone of Us.

"THAT'S Where the FUN IS!!" 

Bringing Truth and Sanctity Back to the 12 Step Cure. 

(Y)OUR Next Video Shows HOW 'The "CURE" Comes via Having the Wisdom to KNOW in "Coming to a Greater Understanding' of One's 'Self'. 

For Anyone Wanting to Have a Greater Understanding of HOW Practicing Spiritual Principles within Ones OWN LIFE enable US... 'TO BE' .....'AT-EASE'.

(Y)OUR Following Videos are FOR US to Share, Uplift, Encourage, Empower Others 'To BE' 'IN' CARE FOR One Another.

(archives go back to May, 2015 - John Kiehl Engine Room on Facebook).

The Message;

"Me and Cinderella, Put It ALL Together. WE CAN Drive it HOME With ONE Head LIGHT". - Jacob Dylan of the Wallflowers

After Witnessing a 'Facial Covering Enforcer' (just a 'Conditioned' person in Fear) of the help clerk at McDonalds Drive thru, this Question Came to Mind;.

 "How can the 'Power of SUGGESTION' (via t.v., mass media, etc) Control, Dictate Behavior? In what ways do we Enslave Ourselves?

----Our Five Senses are attuned to the 3rd Dimension of Reality, the slowest rate of vibration, Of the Lowest Frequencies of Perception.

Our 'Five Senses' 'detect' a Narrow (Minded) Range of Frequencies (1℅ ?) the 'Ego', the 'Lower self', the 'Beast of Burden' relates and 'desires' to 'wallow' in this Cess Pool of Limited Understanding.

Hmm, 'Intuition' (Cinderella is Our Friend!), 'Thinking' is Not OF the mere Five Senses one 'Responds'.

Some Ways to Raise Our Level of Consciousness/Understanding up and out of the animal stimulus/response mechanism of Freudian, Pavlov, Skinner complexes, the ways of this world wants to ENSLAVE Us in a Box is to TRY and Practice (eating less meat?) Things of the 'Spiritual Realms' as "Thoughts are Things" by Prentice Mulford (Audiobook, Andrea Fire) like;

Forgiveness, Patience, Tolerance, Courage/Heart, Perseverance, Integrity,...CONSCIOUS Practice Our Great Master 2000 years ago Tried to Inspire us to Not Get Trapped in a Box enables US 'To 'SEE' through the Illusions this world presents.

"The Light of the body is the EYE: if

therefore Thine Eye 'BE' Single, thy

Whole Body shall be FULL of LIGHT." -Matthew 6:22

We Could say, "Spiritual Principles' are 'Occulted Knowledge' enabling one to Have VISION, To 'SEE' with Our 'One Eye', 'Eye of Providence', ....'MON-EY-e'.   The 'Dark occult' wants to 'HIDE', OCCULT 'Knowledge' to enslave the Masses as Human Resources.

"BE' (Y)Our (R)Evolution

"BE' A Rebel With a Clue & Cause

"...What's Real and what's for sale?"

This Posting Is especially For Our Youth Who may Unnecessarily be Confused/in Fear of these 'Times' as that is the BIG Agenda. I Say to US ALL, "'BE' 'At-Ease' via "Having the WISDOM to KNOW the Difference".

A new Focus Strategy of the is To Help Our Youth "Know What On Earth Is Happening" and NOT be a victim.

"WORD...UP!?" For Our Day;

VACILLATE - Alternate or Waver between different Opinions or Actions; be Indecisive.

In Conducting Business and Living Ones OWN LIFE, 'Executive Decisions Must Be Made in 'CARE' For What We Want to Do.

"WHAT Do I Want to Do?"

That's the First Question for Any Endeavor. Then WE CAN DECIDE, to DeTERMine ('SEE', WE 'MAKE the TERMS in Living' Our Own Lives for WE are in 'Authority', 'Authors' of Our Own Storybook) Strategies We Will Take For Success of Our Goal.

1. What Do I Want? SOLVE a Problem.

2. Determine Strategies to SOLVE the Problem.

3. Take ACTION. Implement the Determined Strategies.

4. Evaluate. Do It Again, Do It Again, Do it Again.

To NOT Get 'Stuck' in "The VASOLINE" of Confusion, Bewilderment the 'Ways of this World' might have us in Our 'Human Conditioning' IS 'To KNOW' the TRUTH ...and as We have heard before, "The TRUTH Sets US FREE" of the Lies imposed upon us.

The 'WAY' of Study, called the 'Trivium', three of the Liberal Arts 'To KNOW' is..

1. Grammar - Logic - Rhetoric (SPEAK!!!)


2. Good Input/InFORMAT ion - PROCESSor - Good Output - On the Display Screen = LIFE with No 'VIRUS', No 'BUGS', No 'Dis-Ease'

OR We Can 'LOOK' and 'SEEK' by..

3. Knowing in High Definition of WORDs - Gives Us a "Greater Understanding" - To 'GIVE', 'LIVE', 'BE', Manifest- 'Bringing Your Ship-Ment (Mind) In With the GOODS. "They Will Always Materialize IF WE WORK FOR THEM". EXPRESS Our True Nature OF....WISDOM to 'Better' Our World.

Along with Strategies to Implement We CAN WORK in Practicing Spiritual Principles which 'Must Come First, Foremost Important For ANY Relationship to Develop.  


'BE' (Y)Our (R)Evolution.


What's the EFFECT of Your CAUSE?

Harmony OR Chaos?

Isn't A Beautiful Time to 'Get Off the Fence'?

WORD UP!?  To 'SEE' 'IN' 2020 Today, April 9

"When I'm runnin' with the devil I Don't Deliver The Fight...

It's the Alien Infection, It's the Coming of Christ

Brains are frying while the kings and queens are dying

What's Come Over me NOW?

Let me go, let me go, let me go...

Don't look at me now

                                                                   Fell too fast your wings won't hold."    - Velvet Revolver, Sucker Train Blues

'WORD' Origin of...

..APOCALYPSE;. from Greek - Apo. Kaluptien

Un. Cover

Uncover, Reveal

Uncover? Reveal What?

The TRUTH where WE Inherit 'a New Earth', "A Greater Understanding", "Intuitively KNOWING what used to baffle us."

Could This Be The Greatest Time Ever in the history of Humanity, To 'LIVE', To 'KNOW' "What On Earth IS Happening?" (Mark Passio, Teacher of Natural Law)

We'll 'SEE' 'As More IS 'Being' REVEALED' in This Great Time 'To 'BE' ...AWAKE!

SO Exciting, yet Sad to see So Many 'Dazed and Confused'.  Isn't it Comforting to KNOW We're NOT on the Sucker Train Blues of the Masses taking them for a Ride?  

"Jesus ain't Complainin' He Got It All Figured Out." and WE Will Too as We Consciously Practice Spiritual Principles 'To 'BE' 'IN' Our (R)Evolution

Velvet Revolver, Sucker Train Blues

March 16, 2020 - Can YOU 'SEE' Clearly?

"Nobody or nothings ever getting in your way...

Today NOW YOU're at the Wheel, I'll ask How does it Feel? ...Heaven's Gates, they ain't so far away.

When your halo slips for good, you'll have to wear your hood

All you losers, all abusers wasting all my precious energy..Those not coming in for free well they they gotta pay, ah....

Remember where you came from ...They said that Heaven holds a place for all of those who pray

And if you don't believe in my dream then you don't care anyway



WORD UP? For Today, March 16, 2020 -



a part of the body resembling or likened to a crown...rarefied gaseous... circle of light seen around as a crown shaped pearly glow.

The 'Corona' IS OUR HALO WE Have innate in Our 'Being' 'IN' and OF Higher Consciousness, 'IN' 'BEING' Spiritually AWAKE and AWARE of Our Higher 'Selves'. We've been 'Turned 'ON' 'IN' 'Self-Actualization/Realization'...having in Fact "Been Rocketed 'INTU' the Fourth Dimension and Beyond, Going Where No Man Has Gone Before...BeCause It's OUR OWN LIFE FOREVER LONG EXPERIENCE.

It's Sad to 'SEE' the Masses with the 'Virus' Who Cannot 'SEE' for "they know Not if it's dark outside or Light"(E.J.) to 'Come to' KNOW the Infinite LOVE of the Higher Frequencies Coming Down, enveloping US 'IN' Christ Consciousness for they have lost their Halo only to wear their Hood in Fear.

'WORD UP'!? For US ALL Today Sunday, March 14, 2020 - 'SEE' 'IN' With New Glasses.  


JUST LISTEN to the 'WORD's'!!!

Addressed To the 'Homeless', 'Poor in Spirit', the 'Tread Upon', the 'Wronged' of 'INJUSTICES', those who have been 'Trespassed', the ones who have been 'put down', 'bullied' by the Predators of this World.....The BEHAVIORISTS of Our 'Conditioning'. Please, Let's "Step 'ON' 'IN' To Find what 'Condition Our Condition Is In"!!

It IS OUR TIME!!! It IS OUR OPPORTUNITY to 'Come Together' as ONE, To FIGHT with HEART in Overcoming this ILLUSION of the 'ways of this world' wants us... CONTROLLED, ENSLAVED in Thinking We are 'defects' or have some mental 'dis-ease'. MUCH OF THIS is 'Psycho-Babble'. It is FALSE!!! There IS NOTHING WRONG with US!!! "Only Ourselves Can Free Our Minds of Mental Slavery"!! - Bob Marley

The 'Power of Suggestion' is Very Powerful.  It can manipulate people in doing about anything without critical THOUGHT.  The ONLY Power Evil of Our 'Adversary' has is 'Suggestion'...To make US Weak, Divided, and somehow different from one another. WE ARE the HUMAN RACE.

The TRUTH IS, "The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth"; YOU and I Who Have put up with NONSENSE Long ENOUGH!!!  It is Our Time to Rise Up!

The TRUTH HAS BEEN HIDDEN from US Realizing our innate 'BEING' OF TRUE POWER IN KNOWLEDGE, UNITY, and LOVE. Think, KNOW OUR TIME HAS COME as Foretold in the Song, 'Aquarius' by the Fifth Dimension.

WE CAN, With a Concerted EFFORT, REALIZE ANARCHY - NO Rulers or MASTERS thus NO SLAVES. This 'Wicked Witch of the West' of today's, 'Rehab Industry, of Treatment Centers and 'Sober Living Homes' of 12 Step MAL-PRACTICES, Big Pharma, and Behavioral Mental Health', are the Institutions which have Hidden, Veiled, Covered the TRUTH' to have US 'ASLEEP'.

I AM Telling YOU TRUE!! When WE Realize How We have been Fooled and Tricked by the 'Powers that be' for you not 'TO BE', WE CAN 'TAKE BACK WHAT IS Rightfully OURS, what has been all but Lost...OUR 'Way in 'Overcoming' in the 12 Step CURE as it was 'In the Beginning of it's True Intent and Focus in 'Overcoming' in Knowing the TRUTH which SETS US FREE.

NOTE!! I'm not against 'drugs and alcohol per say. What I AM Against is these 'SCHMUCKS' in 12 Step environments Who have No Power and want to steal from the Innocent, Unknowing, trusting, those who Want to be better, to know a better way, only to be 'Played'! Tricked', 'Taught Wrong from malevolent people in these 12 Step Environments where the CRUX of the Problem is the accepted False Ideology of 'Sponsorship', and 'Peer-to-Peer Support Recovery' 'suggested' and sold like a used car. It's STUPID, just as they want us to be.

I invite YOU to Take a STAND FOR WHAT IS RIGHT For Your Self and Your Brothers and Sisters, Your Family, your Neighborhoods, and YOUR COMMUNITY in Making it a STRONG Place 'In TRUE GRIT to Flourish and LIVE!!

All I Ask is, "PLEASE!! Have HOPE, FAITH.  Let's 'COME TOGETHER OVER YOU'! Let's STAND 'IN' UNITY to 'SEE' & 'HEAR' HOW WE CAN ALL BE RICH not ONLY in SPIRIT, but as We 'GIVE, WE WILL RECEIVE UNTOLD Monetary Riches from New Humanitarian Efforts Coming.

I AM simply Sharing Knowledge which I've acquired these past five years TO KNOW!! " We are the Masters of Our Own Destiny, We are the Captains of Our Own Ship, "WE ARE in FACT, The PRIESTS OF OUR TEMPLES OF Syrinx" - In Administering Our VOICE!

Keep Posted on Upcoming MUSIC/VIDEO Events where, "WE GOTTA FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS...To BE FREE."


Visit US @

(Y)OUR Daily 'WORD UP?'  March 10, 2020

Question to Ask Our 'Selves', "WHY ARE WE ALIVE?", FOREVER After ALL, "It's ALL FOR YOU".

"Remember I'm still Here FOR YOU

I don't wanna say goodbye

When I do, You'll Be ALL RIGHT

After all, I DID IT ALL FOR YOU....

TRUTH IS I DON'T wanna die an ordinary man..

I've seen tears and I've seen smiles

Just remember that it's all for you

Don't forget me as the colors fade"

WE LOVE YOU OZZY FOR YOU Sharing YOUR SPIRIT of TRUTH, STRENGTH, and HOPE Within YOU. THANK YOU For 'BEING' Responsible For US 'To 'SEE'. THANK YOU For 'STANDING UP', Helping US to KNOW of the 'Injustices' in this world. Thank You for Sharing Your LIFE stories of Our 'brokenness of frailties, of Your Strength to Endure, to 'OverCome', 'To Bear With One Another', In Giving US HOPE WE CAN LIVE above the constraints of 'laws of man'. Thank You OZZY.

"When I find myself in times of trouble

Mother Mary Comes to me

Speaking WORDs of WISDOM, LET IT BE" - Beatles

'WORD UP?' For Today;

MANNA - 1. Spiritual Nourishment 2.. a usually sudden and unexpected SOURCE of pleasure or gain.

WE CAN 'SEE' CLEARLY HOW 'KNOWING and Consciously Practicing Spiritual Principles in ALL OUR Affairs Bring US 'FULL- FILL-MENT' of OUR Mind, Body, and Soul in 'Recovering' what HAD been, all but lost, of....OUR TRUE NATURE CHILD 'IN' 'BEING' "To Thine Own Self 'BE' TRUE".

It's Not Visible! The Answer, the Key, the Lock, the Truth isn't 'Realized' from 'outside resources'. It's an 'Awakening' in 'Epiphanies' as "More IS REVEALED". It's Spiritual. It's the 'Kingdom of God Found from Within' as 'WE ARE What WE EAT'.

'Eat', 'BE', 'Think & Grow Rich in Abundance', 'BUILD' (Y)OUR 'HOUSEs of (Y)OUR 'SELVES' of GOOD MORAL INVENTORY in (Y)OUR OWN Spiritual Development in Consciously Practicing Spiritual Principles as (Y)OUR GUIDE LINE in (Y)OUR 'WORK 'IN' PROGRESS Toward (Y)OUR OWN Spiritual Development.

I HOPE and PRAY This Makes it EASY to Understand HOW We 'GAIN' 'A GREATER UNDERSTANDING' and "the WISDOM to KNOW the difference" of What the 'EASE' of TRUTH ALWAYS IS. 


Our Daily 'WORD UP?' for February 23, 2020  MUSE -  For US To... ponder


think over/about

mull over

reflect on


meditate on

give some thought to

cogitate on





think 'UPRISING'!!  Out of Mental Slavery to KNOW TRUE FREEDOM

Daily 'WORD UP' w/ Dreams by Beck 2/22/20

We LIVE 'IN' the Mo-ment/At-One-Ment/Atonement as 'Ment'=MIND....'IN' the ..

"NOW these Broken Wings Free me

About a LIGHT-Year from reality ("our old ideas" of reality).

Wake Up from your rêverie

The TIME IS HERE, Don't go to Sleep

Streets are running on the brink...Cause there's trouble on the way...Oh, get a dog and pony for a judgment day...

She's (OUR 'Radar LOVE' of 'Intuition') Makin' me High, I wanna get me Free...

Ahh, stop dragging down my dreams, dreams, yeah"

Proverb: "Can't Hold a Good (Wo)Man Down". As "a person with Talent, Resolve, and or MORAL Strength WILL eventually Succeed despite having been overlooked, injured, or defeated".

Or the same from Booker T. Washington's Quote;. "You can't hold a man down without staying down with him."

The Meek of Young HEARTS!! RISE UP Above this 'material plane' and 'BE' of the Higher Realms Where "The 'KING DOME', The Mind of God IS With 'IN' You" as WE CELEBRATE! 

Don't Let 'em get ya down - DREAM

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