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About the Logo;  The 'Gorilla' with Her/His Higher Consciousness represented Coming UP out of the red (lower self).  (S)He is Experiencing Synchronicity in Her/His Life as (S)He 'Intuitively Knows what used to baffle Her/Him'.  (S)He literally is coming 'IN' Sync' with the Uni-Verse in One-Song.  His/Her Grimace represents Our determination to Persevere in having the Courage/Heart and Determination to 'Strive', 'Aspire' UP to 'BE' WITH and FOR Others.  

"We'll Not get Fooled Again!" - The Who

  "Everybody's Got to Fight to Be Free" - Tom Petty

 'Being 'In' Forgiveness, 'In' Being Humble, WE "Come a Little Closer and WE 'SEE'   - Cage the Elephant

'We BE Who WE BE, We Be who We ain't, We ain't IS what WE IS' - Mark Twain

hence, We BE "To Thine Own SELF BE...TRUE".

'We CAN 'SEE' Clearly Now the Rain has Gone, It's Gonna BE a Bright, Bright, Bright Sun Shiny Day!' - Johnny Nash

Yeah!  We're Gonna WIN Again!  


"Only Our 'Selves' Can Free Our Minds of Mental Slavery" - Bob Marley

Let's "Come Together" 'IN' Making OUR 'MOVE'- Ment. 

"With a Little Help from Our Friends" - Beatles

Bringing the Truth and Sanctity Back to OUR 12 Step "Cure"

*!*!;  For Daily Inspirational Affirmations See; John Kiehl Engine Room on Facebook.  Archives go back to May of 2015.  Same theme then as Now;  Uplift, Awaken, Empower, Encourage One to 'Realize' What's UP Within each and every One of US. 

(Y)Our 12 Step "CURE" has been Rediscovered for Us to Share For All.    The Engine Room is a 'place' for US to Discover and Realize Our Infinite Potential in Living 'til Our Dreams Come True.  HOW?  A 'change up' in Our old ways of practice (-ism defined;  "practice the use of") into a Conscious Practice of Spiritual, Moral Principles in Living, We Receive a New Reality in Knowing a New Found Freedom, Happiness and True Joy in Living.  This philosophy in 'Learning to Live' without limits brings Us 'in Closer Contact' with what IS... Absolute Truth in Walking the 'Line'.   We are not perfect in 'Walking the Line', but as We Practice, We come in alignment in Our Being...True.  Through "Practicing these Spiritual Principles in All Our Affairs, We come in higher Vibration, Frequency, Energy as Nicolae Tesla explains to Think of the Uni-Verse, the One 'Song which Remains the Same'.  Our 'Practice' brings Us in Knowing "We are Masters of Our Destiny".  Through practice, we come UP Out of the 'dis-ease' our 'ego' (or animal instincts) 'in command' in Being 'at-ease' 'in sync' in Harmony in Being Made Whole.  It's that simple.  It's not easy, hence We call it 'Work'.  It's Your 'Work' of the 'Great Work' in (Y)OUR ComMission.   

As there is 'Nothing new under the Sun', the Engine Room simply shares with you the Truth IS Found from within each and every one of us.  There are many 'outside resources' of which I am thankful for some many of great benefit for our communities, but ultimately if we want real Change, it all starts within Our Selves and "A Little Help from Our Friends".  Our poets share as Bob Marley quotes;  "Only Ourselves Can Free Our Minds of Mental Slavery".  The Beatles sing;  "You say you want a Revolution...We All want to Change the World....Well you Know...We Got to Free Our Minds instead".  

Here in the Engine Room, We 'SEE' Our Healing "materializes (manifests) as we work (practice) for them" - Promises of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.   John F. Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask (yourself) what you can do for your country".  WE CAN CHANGE the things WE CAN and 'SEE' the Answer comes from within US as We Give what is within Us, as in St. Francis Prayer, "Give, expecting nothing in return" and it Does RETURN!!!  just as sure as what "We Reap what We Sow".   Our Thoughts determine our actions thus We 'BE' of Good "Cause and Effect".  Ahhh!  The simplicity of it all as Truth Always IS easy to understand here as 'Good Karma'.                               

The Engine Room is registered as a 'meeting room' with the General Services Offices of Alcoholics Anonymous, but I AM sorry to say, "I DENOUNCE my membership, GSR position representing A. A. and or ANY affiliation with any 'drug court programs', 'Institutions', 'Religion' and ANY False Ideologies in 'Trusting in and following another human power for guidance and relief' for it is via Conscious Practice of Spiritual Principles as OUR Guide Lines to Progress in OUR Spiritual Development.   

**** Writings, affirmations, Insights and Sharing can be found on OUR Facebook site of John Kiehl Engine Room with archives going back to its' inception of May,  2015.  

I 'SEE' this For All People to Realize True Peace and Happiness in 'Coming to KNOW their "True Nature Child" (Steppenwolf).  Come On 'In' and Discover (Y)Our Essence of Life and "..Live for Our Dreams and a Pocket Full of Gold (True Spiritual Self) - Over the Hills and Far Away, Led Zeppelin.   BE 'ON (Y)Our Hero's Journey to Know, "It's not the struggle in the quest, but the rapture (ecstasy) of the revelation" - Joseph Campbell. 

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Let's Get Some 'Streetwise Spirituality' in having the "Wisdom to Know" thereby not in confusion by personalities coming before Practicing Spiritual Principles as Our Guides to progress.  As we may be "trapped in the devils bargain", It IS OUR Divine Birthright to Know HOW to "....Get Back to the Garden" (CSN&Y)  

We 'Awaken' out of Our 'sleep', Intuitively Knowing what used to baffle us.  We 'Come to' KNOW via the Practice of Moral, Spiritual Principles of  Universal/Natural Law.  

The Engine Room stands firm in the FACT;  "The 'Key', the 'Lock', the 'Answer', the 'Power' Comes From Within ones 'Self' to 'See the Light' and Overcome All the Obstacles in the way'.   Though "Fear has such a haunting mass appeal", Here in the Engine Room, We "...Find WE should 'BE' the one behind the Wheel" - Incubus.  Who is better to Live ones' Life than the one Living it? 

FACT;  Thoughts determine Action resulting in Behavior.  As We Think in what We have to 'Give',  'In' Following Our Bliss to GENerate, Produce, Create, Manifest a New Reality of a 'Renewed Mind, Body, and Spirit,  'Follow Through' is Key.  We have principles laid at Our feet which Guide Us in Manifesting "Our Dreams Come True" - Aerosmith.   "Faith without Action is dead".  Karma IS as "Truth OR Consequences", WE simply Reap a Better Harvest when WE Consciously Practice in 'Being' Moral With One Another.  We Can 'BE' "A Rebel WITH a Good Cause".  Here, "WE Will Choose a Path that's Clear, We Will Choose Free Will" - Rush

For those of Us who think its High Time to "Check 'In' to Find what Condition Our 'Condition is In" (Kenny Rogers) then Come (in) to, Wake Up and KNOW in YOUR Revelation as "More IS Revealed".   Unveil Your Maya of Illusion as WE "Come Together" in Our 'Age of Aquarius'.  

As We climb Our 'Jacobs Ladder' on Our Spiral 'Stairway to Heaven' We  KNOW a New Meaning and Purpose for US to 'BE' the Rebel With a Cause for Real Change in Our World. 

This is FOR those who are sincerely wanting to Know a Higher Plane of Existence in Being Free of whatever 'device' which has caused us pain, suffering, and mental slavery.  So, if you're tired of the 'tricks', 'hustles', and 'con-games' then Make a 'MOVE'-ment.  

There has never been a better time to align ourselves with the 'Great Awakening', this 'Quickening' Happening on Earth today. Let's "Come Together" over you and literally Change the World for Today, WE DO KNOW HOW and What to Do!

Hello! My name is John Kiehl. As I  had the desire to 'stop' out of utter desperation to find a higher place of existence, I’ve come to KNOW and 'SEE'  HOW the True intent of the 12 Step Cure IS For All Human Beings to BE Free "of our own 'device' .  WE do NOT have to be an alcoholic or addict forever.  I AM not trying to 'convert' or 'change' anyone's beliefs, indoctrination, or way of thought.   I AM merely Sharing the Knowledge I've acquired in HOPE WE CAN Help Others Receive a 'New (perspective on) Life'.  

Over the past 4 and a half years, we've immersed ourselves in relentless research, study, observation, and participation in more than 3,000 12-step meetings throughout the country.  This has given US the 'Insight and Knowledge' WE can Share with Others in Hope of making OUR MOVE-ment in the world for a better place to ''BE'.

****Let us not forget what IS Most Important in OUR New WAY 'IN' LIVING;  PRINCIPLES for US to LIVE 'IN' BEING TRUE.    

I welcome ALL who may be 'OPEN and WILLING'  to 'SEE' 'IN' of a 'Greater Understanding' HOW via OUR Conscious PRACTICE  'ON'  OUR 'Stairway....'  Brings US True Freedom, Peace, and Joy 'IN' LIVING.  

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GAIN 'INSIGHT' 'INTO' HOW WE CAN 'BE' Truly Free of 'Our devices via Group or Individual 'Services': Empowering People 'IN' Realizing the Power Within themselves to 'Overcome' obstacles in Succeeding ANY Ambition/Dream to "Materialize".  

"They Will Always Materialize When WE WORK For Them."

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Develop Real World marketing/business  'Skills' via 'Hands On Practice' thereby Experiencing for ones' 'SELF' they Truly Are the "Masters of their Ship and Captains of their Destiny".  Making ones' Own Choices and Decisions in Life to 'SEE'  firsthand the Outcome of one's Own Thoughts, Actions in their 'True 'Being' where there are No Limits, only Infinite Potentialities.   We 'Follow Through' 'IN' Perseverance to 'SEE' Our "Dreams Come True".  Empower-ment(mind);  We Practice 'Being' 'IN' Conscious Thought, a Universal/Natural Law of Mentalism 'IN' Being 'Headstrong' allowing the individual to KNOW they Can Do Anything they Want that NOTHING Is Impossible. 

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Upcoming Travel Group 'Tours' coordinated for US to Experience a Wide Range of challenges, obstacles New Experiences for One to Experience the 'Epiphanies', as More IS Revealed, the "Rapture (Ecstasy) in the Revelation" by way of 'Unveiling the Maya of Illusion of Fear. 

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Mission Statement 

"We're On a Mission from God." - Blues Brothers 

Bringing the Truth and Sanctity Back to OUR 12 Step Cure. 

It really is that simple: Change Up Our Practice where WE 'BE' Channels of Truth of that which IS ...Within.

"Bring truth where there is error. Shed light where there is darkness."

- St. Francis Prayer

Our 12 Step "CURE" - HOW it Works 1/3

Our 12 Step "CURE" - HOW it Works 2/3

Our 12 Step "CURE" - HOW it Works 3/3

Bringing Truth & Sanctity Back to (Y)OUR 12 Step "CURE"

Just as You, the Engine Room of OUR 12 Step Cure is always in development, evolving, realizing 'Infinite Possibilities'. Your input, resources, and contributions are welcome for US to 'Be of Greater Service For OUR Community.

Cards, Keychains, and Flyers For You to Share For Others to Share.  No Cost at this time to Help 'Spur' (Y)Our 'Move'-Ment.    Make a Move!!