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Daily 'Insights' and Affirmations Shared on Facebook;  'John Kiehl Engine Room' with Archives going back to May of 2015.

Mobile Group and One-With-One Counseling offered in the North San Diego County area.  Call for a No Cost Consultation and 'SEE' HOW YOU CAN BE....FREE.   

"ALL the Gifts of LIFE are Held Within Our Walls" - Rush 2112

The Engine Room has been created For US to GET REAL.  Knowing what is Real would be a good start, eh?  When We Learn to Know and Practice the Spiritual Laws of the Universe, WE 'SEE' as on top of a Mountain everything below us.  "It's taken Us all this time to finally Find what I need...I don't wanna Come down from this Cloud" - Bush  (that's not a 'pink cloud' either - pink is not in the color spectrum).  'Bring Back the Energy, the Higher Vibe Within YOU as WE Study to Know via Practice.... Being 'Our True Spiritual 'Selves'.  It is not easy.  Our 'lower self' of the ego Fights the Spiritual 'Self' hence why We call it work in Practice to Trust Our 'Inner Self' of Intuition.  No 'Outside Resource' Can provide the Human Being True Peace and Happiness for Everyone has the 'Goods' Within themselves to 'Overcome' and 'BE' Masters of themselves.  'Sapien' means 'Wise'.  Here, We Have the Wisdom to Know the Difference.  "Once You Know, You Can Never Go Back, So, Let's Take It On the Other Side" - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Are Ya' Ready to 'Check In' to Find what Condition YOUR Condition is in?  Hey, We've all been 'Conditioned' to some point or another.  It's called the 'Human Condition'.  We Can Come Out of it.  It's a Promise.  It's All Within YOU MY Friends.  It's All You.  It's YOUR MOVE!  With Ya' My Friends! 

Benefits;  Learning = Living as "More Will be Revealed in Your epiphanies and synchronicities in Trusting Your God given Intuition..the sixth sense.  "KNOWING what used to baffle us" as Dia-Gnosis of our confusion, delusion, spiritual malady..It maybe all of us "paid a ticket for the 'Grand Illusion', but the Truth IS Fear is just that Illusion.  We Realize WE are All Power, that NO other human power has 'authority' over another.  We are the 'Authors' of Our Own Book PERIOD!  We Have Strength in UNITY.  No Human Power Guides another as We have Spiritual Principles as Our Guidelines in 'Walking the Line' the Best 
We Possibly Can 'BE'.  WE'LL NOT BE Confused, led astray by anyone or any 'institution' nor Think like anyone Other than Your Thoughts.    Knowledge IS Power enabling to Protect and Be Accountable to ones' 'SELF', but to Help Others BE and Realize their Own True 'SELVES' where NO B. S. is Allowed.  You will simply "Know", 'BE', and 'Walk Tall.  NOTHING Can Stop US except Ourselves. 

Our Way of Study;  Trivium;  Grammar - Know the definition of Words.  Logic - Process Words to Receive High Definition.  Rhetoric -  Enable Us to Speak Intelligently  of the Essence of Truth Within Us in making Our World a Better Place to 'BE'. 

Utilizing MUSIC as the Life Force which it IS and the Study of the Lyrics our poets, song writers have shared with Us in telling, showing us the Way to Live and the obstacles which lie before us, but NOW we 'SEE' and won't get 'fooled' so easily.

 We also have Critique in 'Film Appreciation Classes' to Share Our different Perspectives. 

ALL of this Comes Under the Heading of;  "LOVE the One Your With" - CSN&Y  


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